Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Indy 500

Well we've been out to the Indy 500 Parade, race, and Georgetown to preach. We had a several groups from all over. We had Brother Dan and his family, Greg and Sally, Brother Kevin D, and Kevin B, Brother Will and his son Pastor T with a group from his church, Brother Jimmy, and Brother Jeff. At the parade on Saturday we had a good time. I witnessed to a JW who said hell was not real, and we were in hell right now. Then he started arguing about Jesus being God and walked off. We had an immature Catholic come up trying to blow bubbles on us. Plus, dad dealt with the clowns for Christ and No Greater Love.

Saturday night we went to Georgetown where a policeman came up to dad and said we needed a permit to be there. Dad said we didn't, then the Officer told dad to step back. When he did, the police officer cuffed dad, then turned to Josiah and I and told us to back up. The officer did this as Josiah was reading the Supreme Court Rulings to him concerning our first amendment rights to preach. As we stepped back the police officer shoved both of us further back. At this time he uncuffed dad. Immediately after, a female officer came up and said that we didn't need a permit and we were fine. After she went over and explained to the first officer, he came over and tried to cover up what he had done.

Dad and brother Dan got attacked by an older man, A Catholic that looked like a biker. Also a younger Catholic man attacked them and some of the other preachers. He was upset at the way the Catholic Church treated him as a child.

We preached the race on Sunday. A man rammed dad and threw water on us. Other than that we had some good conversations.
It was a great time of preaching and there were about 300,000 people at the race alone to preach to.