Thursday, June 10, 2010

Samuel Porter Jones

Born on October 16th 1847 in Oak Bowery, Alabama, to the family of John and Queenie Jones, John was a real estate agent and Lawyer. Samuel's granddad was a Methodist preacher. At the age of ten he moved to Cartersville, Georgia. He never went to college because of an unknown medical problem, he started drinking alot despite his Methodist background, he had at least seven ministers. Sam eventually became a lawyer like his dad. He then went to Kentucky to marry Laura McElwain whom he had became friends with during the Civil War. He destroyed his job be drinking and quit being a lawyer. In 1872 he started driving freight wagons. His daughter died that year, that same year he was called to his fathers deathbed where he promised never to touch liquor again a week later he walked the isle and was converted he then went on to become one of the worlds greatest evangelist.
Here are some of his quotes
1."Quit your meanness."
2."I always did despise theology and botany, but I do love religion and flowers."
3."The curse of the age is that we have put gold above God, chattels above character, and mammon above manhood. we have inverted God's order of things"
4."The tune of America is pitched to the dollar"