Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break and Masters Club

Well we did the spring break just last month which was really fun we got some good witnessing in. Some people would listen others got upset like one man who was angry because dad had on a hat that had the army star on it and went around trying to knock it off dad's head drawing blood on our pastors son he also started shoving people. His wife also lifted her dress all the way up so dad said she was like a whore so the guy went off again trying to get to dad. The wal-greens store also put up a sign that said We do not support this group the next day we were out it was not working. Other then that there was nothing really exciting except there was one man who dad witnessed to and the guy said that we were building walls so dad pointed out all the people that were talking to us and that they must be climbing over the wall then he talked to him for a few more minutes then the man left. But the next day dad saw him while we were eating and talked to him for a few minutes he listened and dad offered to buy him lunch but he rejected. Then we did Masters Club Saturday and the kids had alot of fun they got a bunch of awards like first and third place quizzing. Right now we are in Cincinnati to go to the Creation Museum. Hope you enjoyed reading.