Monday, February 8, 2010


Last Saturday we were preaching at the Gasparilla parade which is supposed to be a family
event, which it is not.
It was pretty good, not as many people as last years event, but it was still good. We had brother Will from Chicago, and brother Greg and Jeff from New York, plus Lewis and Clark from north Florida, and brother Dave from Florida, and brother Glen also from Florida, and the Maynard boys and Rob and brother Brian from home in Panama City, Florida.

Check Spelling The day before we preached in Ybor City and we had this kid come up trying to mock us but he was drunk and did a lousy job. He did not get Mom's humor, she called him a snot nose punk. When he asked where we lived Mom told him that we lived in the mountains and came out and danced at night in robes so he asked Mom, "are you mocking me?"

Saturday we got out to the parade at about 10:30 and stayed out almost all day. Dad dealt with a man that used to be Catholic and had converted to Muslim. We had some signs out there that they did not like, they did not like the one about the women being keepers at home.


Brother Brian Glen and Rob

Aaron and I

Clay witnessing