Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Book

This is a book I got called Elijah the Prophet of Confrontation, by John G Butler.

  1. About the author, he was born in Iowa. And has been preaching in Baptist churches for about fifty years, he has pastored in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa. He went to Tennessee Temple University and Cedarvile University. He also served in the navy. He has done about twenty seven of these books.
  2. About Elijah. Elijah's name means my God is Jehovah. He is the second most written about prophet in the New Testament. If you look at James 5:16-18 you will see he was a man of prayer. Elijah was the one who preached against and mocked Baal 1 Kings.1:9,10. And was fed by the ravens 1 Kings,17:2-7. He also healed the young boy 1Kings.17:8-16. And he never died 2 Kings,2:1-12. He also controlled the rain for three years, he was the perfect weather forecaster, unlike those today!
Elijah was a Tishbite said to have been born in a place called Tishbe, a place which has not been discovered.
In 1 Kings 18:21-46, is where he and the Baal worshipers go up to Mount Carmel to see who the real God is. The Baal worshipers cry out all afternoon to their supposed God and he never answers them. So Elijah mocks them and makes fun of them saying he must be sleeping or maybe he is taking a walk. Then it is Elijah's turn and he tells them to dump water on the logs. Then he prays to the real God, and the fire comes down from heaven and burns everything up right away.
That's a real man of God he lives his life for God. No matter what they said against him he honored God, even when the children made fun of him he still stand for God. But the children did get what they deserved, when the bears came out of the woods and ate them.
I would like to be like Elijah, a man of God who preached against sin no matter what.


Hope said...

Nice post, Elijah! Sounds like a good book :)